Friday, November 5, 2010


Wow, I really think I did too much last weekend! I already have two posts about events and I still have two more! And I'm not even going in order. Sorry!

Last Saturday, my friend Ally and I decided to walk in the NFL 5K. This is a new event that I thought was supporting the NFL's Play 60 program and the American Heart Association. It turns out that it was really to promote the NFL's new women's line of the NFL gear. Don't worry. I wasn't too upset. I like the idea of promoting women being fans of the NFL. It's not just a sport for boys anymore!

Here's Ally and me at the start line getting ready to go!

My parents were in town so they came down to watch us finish. It was nice to have some cheering for you at the finish line. Afterwards, we ran into the Colts Superfan. This guy is at every game and every rally. He is crazy!

Peyton, of course, came to cheer us on as well. Here is high fiving me, but I'm pretty sure he's having an affair with Ally. Look at them holding hands! How rude!

I believe the idea of this 5K started in DC and so they got Dan Snyder's and Chris Cooley's wives involved. We thought we would get our picture with them to make the Redskins' fans jealous. Did it work?

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