Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sick Rant

Okay I'm sorry because I know most of you that read my blog also speak with me almost daily and so you already know my feelings on this. But as I'm sitting here, feeling like crap, sniffing, blowing my noise at an embarrassinly loud noise level, and experience a very dry throat, I can't help but glare over the cube walls at the person that is responsible for me feeling like that. Last Friday, someone came over to help fix my computer and had their hands all over my keyboard and desk. They were sniffling and had mentioned having a sinus infection. I don't know why, but I always associate sinus infections with allergies and therefore not contagious. WRONG!!

I have been sick since Sunday. I couldn't go to work on Monday or Tuesday causing me to use up what little sick leave I have left for the rest of the year not to mention just feeling plain miserable. So to all you people that think you shouldn't call in sick or don't want to waste your sick leave, PLEASE DO IT ANYWAY! It's not fair to make everyone else suffer just because you are a douche bag.

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