Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just for Dana Part II

Did you really think that one blog post would incompass my entire plans for the NFL season? Um, no way. One of the other reasons that I was patiently waiting for the schedule to come out was to find out when the Cowboys/Colts game was. Amanda and I had discussed the possibility of her coming out for the game to watch with me. Normally, Chris has first dibs on the second ticket since he pretty much paid for the tickets. However, he is having a friend come in town for the game and would buy some more seats for the boys while Amanda and I have a girls trip to a football game. Drum roll please! If all goes well with Amanda's schedule, she will be flying out to Indy around December 5th. Woohooo!! I love when friends and family come visit!

Its just too bad that Amanda will have to leave heartbroken just like Howard did when he came to visit. Sad day! Hahaha, no it should be good game and I can't wait to have her here so we can be dancing machines at Ike and Joneseys and then lose our voices while screaming at our men on the field.

PS Chris got the grill put together last night and it looks awesome. He did an amazing job and was rewarded with some ice cream cake! I'll take pictures when its outside and being used.

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