Monday, April 12, 2010

Crazy Hank

I believe I have mentioned several times about how crazy our dog, Hank is. I'm not sure if people really understand the level of craziness. He's not angry crazy. He's a very happy crazy. He just has a lot of energy. His favorite thing to do is tear around the apartment and launch himself onto our bed as fast as he can. When he wants to go outside, he slams himself against any available door. If someone leaves the room, he also feels the need to slam himself against whatever door they exited and await their return. One time, when traveling with him, Chris and I pulled up to a very busy gas station so that we could get some coffee. I stayed in the car with Hank while Chris graciously ran inside. People kept coming and going and poor Hank ran back and forth in the back seat trying to see where everyone was going. He pretty much has a heart of gold. I've never seen him angry or chew things like furniture. He will pick up a shoe and play keep away with you, but that's it. Most of the time, he just wants to snuggle with and lick your face.

However, Chris came home on Friday to find Hank's plastic tray in pieces. Shredded, chewed, bitten, destroyed. We are not sure what triggered it. There was really nothing out of the norm. My dad was visiting, but like I said, Hank loves everyone. Usually, I'm the one who comes home to feed him, but Hank wouldn't have known at that point who was coming home. So when I get paid on Thursday, I'm headed to the pet store to invest in a metal tray.

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