Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Colts Game!!

Well, I couldn't have had a more perfect game to choose to go to. I have to admit that after the way the Colts season has started, I was a little worried about going to the Ravens game. They looked tough against the Titans and we looked like crap against the Texans. But alas the tickets had been paid for so it was done. Our seats were on the 15 yard line on the Colts side 17 rows from the field. I NEVER want to sit anywhere else. They were awesome! Here was our view:

Anyway, I got these tickets through one of the colts players, #61 Jamey Richard. His fiance and I have become acquainted and I'm trying to weasle my way into the family. Jamey's dad Charlie sat with us for the game. Very funny guy, reminded me a lot of my dad. So I was talking to him and turns out he went to the same high school was my mom, except 8 years before her and he knew of my grandfather's Oldsmobile dealership in Garden City. It was pretty exciting...for me.

So, what I didn't realize was that when you don't have a dome anymore, the sun can be on you. All week I prayed that the roof would be open for the game and not once did I think to wear sunblock. We were in direct sun almost the entire game so not only was it hot but I got burned a little bit. I gotta get used to this no roof thing!

Of course, this picture was when the sun was behind one of the tracting bars. Anyway, so the game was awesome. We crushed the Ravens. Theresa invited us back for another game so I guses we behaved. Next weekened, the Colts play the Packers and I'm sure that will be an interesting game for Chris and I. :-) Here is a picture of the Colts offensive line with Peyton looking like he is an outcast. LOL!

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