Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Visiting Dana

Last weekend, kind of the spur of the moment, I decided to drive down to visit Dana and Howard. The drive was pretty easy. I got there Friday night where we proceeded to play Spice Jenga which has quickly become my favorite game. How the two of them came up with this game and became so efficient at it is beyond me.

We got up on Saturday morning and they drove me down to see where Dana works and show me around Paducah. I have to say that it is bigger than I thought it was. The downtown area is very quaint and they have a great waterfront area right on the Ohio River. We attempted to play Bingo so that Dana and I could each cross that off our lists. Unfortunately, it must have been false advertising. No bingo was going on. :-(

Next they drove me past some crazy lady's house that is made of trash and then they took me to their bar. Funny how many similiarities it shared with Glory Days. Even closes at midnight! But Dana and I got in $12 worth of Megatouch which is more than I've spent in the last two years on that machine. After a while, we drove home and continued playing Spice Jenga until 3am. I will say that Dana showed me her dance moves, but I will not post what she looked like. I promised. :-)

The next day I left about noon to make the drive back. I loved going to visit. Their house is super cute and I'm so happy for them and all they have accomplished in KY. I did take some pictures there, but nothing really worth posting. So instead, I'm posting my new favorite picture of me and Dana. Enjoy!

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Dana said...

We had a blast! Thx for not putting my disgrace of a dance video out there... I loves you and can't wait till you and the Chrissy Poo come see us. Coppie Whoppie misses you!

PS. Wanna write my blog for me???