Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Indy 500 Weekend

Well, it was 500 time again here in Indy. Always an exciting time especially since my dad and all of his friends come into town. Some of you are familiar with my dad's friends so you know I had good time. We went to the parade on Saturday which was a lot of fun. Some good celebrities there like Patricia Heaton (Everybody Love Raymond), The O-Jays, Slash, Kristy Yamaguchi (sp??), Ruth Buzzi, Florence Henderson, Jim Nabors, etc. After words we went to the Claddaugh for some car bombs and to sing songs. I have to say that when we got the bill, the first line said 27 Car Bombs.......$195.67. Whoops! I did not have a car bomb, but I took video footage and pictures. Hopefully I'll be able to post them sometime. That night we went to the Capital Grille for dinner (my favorite) and had an awesome meal.

Sunday we got up early to take our police escort to the race (ha all you peons that had to sit in traffic) and of course immediately walked to the track so we could view the "pagentry." It was awesome weather, not to hot, not too cold, no rain. Perfect!! Good race, a couple crashes in front of us. Both my guys in our pool went out about mid race almost at the same time. I believe on the same caution. Chris got a little toasty and might have lost his balance a couple times, but never actually fell. I made him buy a seat cushion which of course, got stolen. Not too many drunks this year or maybe b/c I was sober people weren't as amusing as usual.

Anywho, now I'm just trying to make time fly so this weekend will be here sooner. Chris and I are going to a baseball game on Friday night downtown. Always a good time and the best seats are $13. On Friday nights, they have fireworks after the game. Saturday night, Chris has challenged me to a Photo Hunt Competition with one of his friends. I'm a little worried because I haven't been training, but I think I can pull this off. People who think they are good haven't spent multiple hours after work playing this game. They don't even KNOW that you can hit above 400,000. Sunday we are hosting a mini BBQ in our courtyard. We are going to be playing cornhole and probably cooking brats. That's the thing to do out here, eat sausage and throw bean bags. I'm trying to decide on side dishes to serve. Any ideas?

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kristen said...

who in their right mind would challenge YOU in a photo hunt competition!?! i know i wouldn't. card bandits maybe - but not photo hunt. go get 'em girl!! :0)